"SILENT COMPANION" (Hamsafar Khamoosh)

Director and Scriptwriter: Elham Hosseinzadeh
Photography: Reza Roshan
Sound Recorder: Reza Alizadeh
Sound & Mix: Behrooz Shahamat
Ediror: Elham Hosseinzadeh, Reza Sourani
Cast: Tofigh Saki, Salman Roshanzadeh, Vahab Zergani
Producer: Elham Hosseinzadeh
15 min, Color, 2004

In the period of American invasion of Iraq(American-Iraqi war), an Iraqi man cross the reed-bed in the border of Iran – Iraq for joining his Iranian friends to take from them a bride dress.
But he has to face many dangers in the water ( the Sadam Soldiers) and in sky (American planes ) to bring it safe to his bride.


Elham Hosseinzadeh was born 1970 in Ahvaz. She is graduated on Social Communication and holds her MA .
She started her career as journalist for famous Iranian newspapers and making researches on social issues as professor of journalism in the University. She made several advertising films and collaborated with many directors for making documentaries and short films.
"Silent companion" is her first short film as director.


  • Horn
  • Silent companion
  • Short Film
  • Short Film
  • 2007
  • 2004
    • Venice Film Festival (Venezia Corto Cortissimo) (2004/ Italy)
    • Pusan International Film Festival (2004/ Korea)
    • Sao Paulo Film Festival (2004/ Brazil)
    • Gijon International Film Festival (2004/ Spain)
    • Clermont Ferrand Film Festival (2005/ France)
    • Emirates Film Competition (2005/ UAE)
    • Fribourg Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Switzerland)
    • Minimalen Film Festival (2005/ Norway)
    • San Sebastian Int'l Human Rights F.F (2005/ Spain)
    • Aspen Int'l Film Festival (2005/ USA)
      Winner of SPECIAL JURY RECOGNITION award.
    • Granada Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Spain)
    • Aye Aye Int'l Film Festival (2005/ France)
    • Capalbio Cinema Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Italy)
    • Short Shorts Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Japan)
      Winner of Jury Special Mention award.
    • Melbourne Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Australia)
      Winner of the Grand Prix Award of the ity
    • Pax 2005 Film Festival (2005/ Germany)
    • Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival (2005/ UK)
    • Silhouette Short Film Festival (2005/ France)
    • Drama Int'l Film Festival (2005/ Greece)
    • European Int'l Short Films in Lewisburg (2005/ Germany)
    • Cinema Taut Ecran Film Festival (2005/ Switzerland)
    • Fickerfest 15th International Short Film Festival (2006/ Australia)
      Winner of the MINI Special Jury Prize.
    • Dhaka Int'l Film Festival (2006/ Bangladesh)
    • Syracuse Int’l Film Festival (6 – 9 April 2006/ USA)
    • Int'l Film Forum Arsenals (16 – 24 Sep 2006/ Latvia)
    • Cinambule Film Festival (14 – 18 Nov. / 2007 / France)
    • Tampere Film Festival (9 – 13 March 2011 / Finland)

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