Passengers (Mosaferan)

Director& Researcher: Mahmoud Rahmani
Editor: Farid Daghagheleh
Music: Kayhan Kalhor
Sound: Behshad Motiee
Sound Design & Mix: Arash Eshaghi
Color Correction: Reza Teymouri
Assistant Director: Hadi Khajavi & Belal Taheri
Production Manager: Farzad Kianmanesh
Producer: Mahmoud Rahmani
With the Presence of Dariush Moussavi (Journalist)
Color, Full HD, 16:9, 82 min, 2013-2016, Iran

Before starting my career as a director, I was fond of being a taxi driver. I tried it for a while and found it quite fascinating, as I met people who always had something to talk about. As taxis in Iran are centers for sharing ideas about political and social issues, you hear real stories directly from a reliable source.
In this documentary, I drovea taxi in the southern city of Ahwaz, my real hometownto present an image of the society and its paradoxes which have rarely been seen.
To me, all the people and words turned my taxi into a small box in which real stories, expectations, and pains were expressed freely without any self-censorship.


Born in 1980 in the south of Iran, Mahmoud Rahmani made his first short film "Gagola" in 2003. He has anhonorary degree from Workshop of DEFC and teaches filmmaking in schools. In 2005, he directed his first documentary "Naft Sepid" which attended various film festivals such as IDFA, Cinema du Reel...His second documentary "Zero Degree Orbit" in 2007, "Molf-e Gand" and "My Mother, Oak" received more than 15 prizes both at national and international levels. Rahmani started his latest documentary, "Passengers" in 2013 and has been working on it for about 3 years.


  • "Gagola"
  • "Oha"
  • "Naft Sepid"
  • "Zero Degree Orbit"
  • "Molf-e Gand"
  • "My Mother, Oak"
  • "Passengers"
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  • 82min
  • 2003
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  • 2013-2016


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